Social Media Director


I’ve quadrupled the @MysticTimber Instagram following by honing the online identity of the brand on social media. Daily posts, photoshoots, logo design, catalog design, website redesign, contests, promos, IG stories, interacting with fans, creating memes, seeding influencers, interacting with retailers and prospective retailers,celebrities, live posting trade shows, editing trade show video presentations, editing IG video. I also started a community of die hard fans at @MysticTimberSweetest . Mystic Timber products are sold online and in hundreds of stores throughout North America.

Mystic Timber 2018 Wholesale Catalog


Mystic Timber 2018 Wholesale Catalog – Intro


Mystic Timber 2018 Wholesale Catalog – Wood & Tip Types

Mystic Timber Sweetest – Logo Design.