Editorial Illustration & Design

I was Maxim’s lead illustrator from 2002-06.

In Maxim Magazine I was working in two different illustration styles with over 100 projects in print. This expanded my global reach, as the art was being reprinted in up to 15 different foreign editions of the magazine around the world.


Doing so much illustration and comic strip work for Maxim was a huge catalyst for my professional drawing career. It gave me great exposure in the illustration world and led to many clients and had me draw comic strips for them too.

Complex Magazine had me doing full pages when they made the leap from website to print. I was in issues 2 to 10. I drew Fat Albert art for FUBU, Air Force 1 art for Nike, portraits for Rolling Stone & Vibe, art for Time Out NY, Black Book, and The Village Voice. I have had so many clients, and so many varied subject matters that I like to say that I have a client for every letter of the alphabet, from AT&T to Zima. The only letter I haven’t managed to hit is Q.

(View Full Client List Here)

I’ve painted commissioned portraits, been involved with charity events for 9/11 victims, AIDS research, Japanese Relief, & Parkinson’s Disease. I’ve been printed in hundreds of magazines, appeared on radio interviews and have lectured in art colleges, art high schools & art associations around the country. I was invited to appear in artist alley booths and panels at NY Comic Con at the Javits Center, Wizard World Comic Con and King Con at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

For several years I made art regularly for WWE Magazine and WWE Kids Magazine. Spreads, features, gatefold posters, etc… As you can see by video of the CM PUNK comic where i got to draw WWE Superstar CM PUNK kicking my ass.

All this illustration work led to me having a manager for a couple of years (2003 – 2005). I was represented by Power Agent Kevon Glickman and RESPECT MANAGEMENT. Kevon was previously the President of Ruffnation and Ruffhouse Records and discovered Lauren Hill and The Fugees and Rick Ross. He also worked in the art world in the ’80s and threw shows for both Basquiat and Keith Haring.