Editorial Illustration & Design

I was Maxim’s lead illustrator from 2002-06.

In Maxim Magazine I was working in two different illustration styles with over 100 projects in print. This expanded my global reach, as the art was being reprinted in up to 15 different foreign editions of the magazine around the world.

One achievement in editorial illustration I’m proud of is that I helped reintroduce full-page sequential art back to mainstream magazines through Maxim.

I broke into the magazine when I landed my first gig:
A Day in the Life of Kevin Costner which was a full page comic strip.

This led to me writing and illustrating half a dozen “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF” strips over the years, and helped give me consistent illustration work in every issue of Maxim for four years, including commissioned freelance work for Maxim UK.

At the end of my run, for my last two issues I had locked down the coveted back page illustration spot (Issues 99 & 100), which before that hadn’t ever been an illustrated page.

The Maxim work was a huge catalyst for my drawing career. It gave me great exposure in the illustration world and led to many new clients and opportunities.

I made several appearances on Sirius’s Maxim Radio on both The Bower Show and Covino & Rich.

I began appearing on other radio shows: Preston & Steve on WMMR, and XM radio’s Opie & Anthony Show. I did portraits of their on air personalities.

When I was most deeply entrenched in the Maxim work is when I met a girl from PA. I ended up moving to Philly, got immersed in their fine art and music scene. I got to attend Live 8The Philadelphia Music Summit, and be involved in the PUMP film festival. My manager was based in Philly so it worked out well.