Cojo Art Juggernaut

I’m Cojo, the host of Artist In Repose. I’m known in the NY art and design world as Cojo “Art Juggernaut.” Cojo is short for Colin Jorgensen. I have been known as Cojo since my freshman year at The School of Visual Arts (SVA), and Art Juggernaut is my life. I’ve found it is just broad enough of a descriptor for me to glide in and out of the commercial design and fine art worlds.

My bizarrely inexplicable career path over the last few decades has left me with myriad diverse footholds in many seemingly unrelated creative fields. A Venn diagram of the various fine art scenes, design, advertising, theatre, and commercial art have circles that don’t seem to have any relation to one another, but they do. There are tiny bits of overlap, and those bits are where I somehow live. I bridge the gaps.

The video above shows the faces of just some of the thousands of talented artists, photographers, gallerists, docents, curators, painters, writers, dancers, actors, playwrights, sculptors, DJs, performance artists, cartoonists, musicians, conceptual artists, and innovators I’ve had the privilege to meet and photograph.

Many of them I’ve written about, collaborated with, or interviewed over the past twenty years of working in and documenting the commercial art, design, advertising, tech and art worlds for my blogs ArtSucks and Artiholics. All ages, races, and genders. All stages and colors, from greenhorn to blue chip.

My diverse background puts me in a very strange and complicated rarefied air for a podcast host and interviewer. I am not a boring art historian, or classically trained art writer. I’m not just a random pretty face, talking head, with a list of questions.

I’m a weird combination of my distinct design and art world knowledge, a strange sense of humor, my creative direction experience, writing, social media managing, in person networking, tech development, viral marketing, photography, journalism, comics, illustration, cartooning, video editing, gif building, B2B design, catalog design, html coding, wordpress design, art experimentation, fashion design, billboard design, lecturing, public speaking, influencer seeding, interviewing / hosting, email marketing, directory building, crowd sourcing, blog running, editing, show curating, sculpting, wood working, mold making, editorial design, logo design, poster design, retouching, keynote design, infographic design, High Level Design, and teaching drawing to teenagers (try saying that all in one breath).

Cojo Lecturing NJ Elementary and High School Art Teachers about Creativity.

Sit back, download a bunch of episodes and take in a binge. I love to listen to podcasts while driving, while at the gym, and while drawing or painting. Just another week in the life of an art juggernaut.