Viral Videos & Experiments

After all of the projects I do for fortune 500 companies, I always take personal time to pursue my own creative passion projects. Art blogs, viral social media experiments, art interviews, documentary art, art duration experiments. Everything is fair game.


In 2016, rather than donating $27 to The Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, I decided I would instead donate my time, skills, and my Facebook Platform by making and spreading Pro-Bernie viral videos. My thought was, what’s better? $27 dollars, or 27 Million Views. I didn’t even reach half my goal, but the 17 videos I did make had in total, over 12 million views.




“A lot like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but fuzzier.” I designed this social networking art experiment testing the power of network science, mixing in some art & pop culture, and a TV show that has been raising children since 1969.

The entire experiment was to be a fun gamble, as it’s potential success or failure was only as good as the science, and the participants involved. In it’s most basic terms the theory of SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION postulates that you or anybody on the planet is connected to anybody else on the planet by only six handshakes.



SKETCH365.COM was the original yearlong sketch-a-day conceptual contemporary art experiment in which I created a single 8½” x 11″ finished and uploaded an original pencil line-art drawing EVERY DAY for a single year. (September 25, 2005 – September 24, 2006) Sketches would all be falling into one of 10(S)UBJECTS.

It’s been over a decade since my little drawing experiment concluded, and to my astonishment – hundreds of other artists around the world have attempted this “challenge.” Outside of my encouragement, the “SKETCH 365 CHALLENGE” is a legit phenomenon now on websites like Tumblr, Deviant Art, Pinterest, and personal blogs. It is an online art experiment anyone can participate in if they’ve got the guts, and a year of dedication.




In my first solo show at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, I was finally able to finish the paintings I had originally set out to make with the Sketch365 project NINE YEARS EARLIER. The 10 large paintings burst to life in bright, saturated colors, executed in the distinctively graphic thick line art style for which I’m known. The 10 subjects are: (S)ea, (S)ocialite, (S)traphanger, (S)pace, (S)torytime, (S)ex, (S)uperhero, (S)ports, (S)in and (S)lumberland.

Each painting focuses on a subject of a child’s active imagination, inviting us to rediscover our creative selves by invoking the fantastical worlds we invented in our uncorrupted youthful minds. The series celebrates the magic of daydreams and inspired flights of fancy, in spite of or in direct rebellion to the oppressive factory model institutions with confining curriculum that sought to quash our wonderment and force us to color inside their predetermined lines.




A week-in-the-life mini-doc about me and the 72 Color painting palette I used on the 10(S)UBJECTS paintings as well as blogging about art from my studio in Ridgewood, Queens. By filmmakers Joseph Trukovich and Jeff Stiver from Nashville, Tennessee.

Watch the mini-doc HERE.



“You’re listening to Artist In Repose. The New York Art World. . . In Repose. Relaxed conversations with contemporary artists, curators, gallerists, and art writers, from the comfort of their own studios.”

The concept is pretty simple, it’s like a chat show about your entire life. I am the host. I come to your studio. I bring a bottle of wine, all of my recording equipment. We loosen up by having some wine while we do a relaxed photo shoot of you in repose, sitting around your studio amongst your work (I’ve found that nearly all art studios have one awesome chair).

I set up the mics, I explain how it is going to work, refresh the wine, and then we start recording. For one hour we are talking, drinking, and going through all of your experiences that got you to where you are now.




I curated a show of sculptor Sam Tufnell’s lighted work at Wired Gallery in High Falls, NY, as well as conceptualized, pitched, and helped install a permanent outdoor installation of 13 backlighted Gnomes on the rock cliffs overlooking the town.

The video I made about High Falls and the Gnome Mountain installation got 40K views on Facebook, and considering High Falls only has about 600 residents, that’s a lot.


Just some of the many experiments I like getting myself into. Just another day in the life of an art juggernaut.