Creative Director

Creative Director since 2014 for Manhattan tech startup Appelago.

In the initial stages the direction of Appelago was built around a very cartoon oriented phone app navigation system involving islands (islands of apps). I directed a team of 1-3 illustrators and animators at any given time. Over the course of the next few years we began to develop a new revolutionary tech advancement we named Dynamic Push®.

It started out as just a cool feature we were going to build into the platform, but it turned out it was actually 1000x more functional and versatile than the platform we were building, so we back-burnered the islands, and focused on Dynamic Push® (DP). It’s strange when things like that happen, but in this case they did, big time.

A Dynamic Push is much like a normal Push Notification, but instead of just text (which is included in a Dynamic Push), it also has the functionality of making apps animate (pushing an animation to the app). You can send a gif animation directly to a person’s smartphone home screen. Not only that, the animation can redirect the app to take you to a different landing page either within the app, or on a different website entirely. All it takes is a little bit of our code added to any android app to make it able to receive DPs.

Using the agile management process our techs started building the back end and I transitioned into serious video and gif editing. I developed high level flowcharts, PowerPoints, keynotes, decks, logos, and presentations. We got patents and trademarks for the tech, and had a test client in The Paramount Theater in Huntington, for whom we built a Dynamic Push enabled app from scratch. In testing, Dynamic Push enabled phones received an insanely high click through rate on new show ticket announcements when compared to text only push notifications.

So much of what I have designed is classified under an NDA.


Designing, editing, and crafting UX for an agile tech startup in the financial district. Dashboard design, high level design, sales decks, industry research, keynote / powerpoint presentations, animated demos, demo video pitches, video spots, sound editing, web design & coding, crafting animated .gif videos for patented “Dynamic Push” smart phone messaging platform. Also responsible for directing a small team of illustrators for cartoon based app interface.